Request a Free Roofing Quote


Request a Free Roofing Quote!

Whatever your project, we’d love to bid on it! You may request a free roofing quote (or pressure washing or other items [see list at bottom of page]) by filling out the form below, or just contact us directly via the contact information underneath the form. Thanks for giving us a chance to bid your project!

Brad Caldwell is owner of Roof, Rinse & Run
Brad Caldwell,
Owner, Roof, Rinse & Run

Owner, Brad Caldwell

Phone: 334.332.7799


Address: 1780 Hyden Park Lane; Auburn, AL 36830

Our Work:

*Roofing (repairs, replacements, insurance, shingle, metal, slate)

*Pressure-washing (driveways, homes, gutters, †roofs)

*Miscellaneous handyman work (decks, sheetrock repair, painting, fascia repair, etc.)

If you’re not sure whether we can do a task, we probably can. In the worst case, we can no doubt “sub” something out to a reputable contractor. We have photos available of various work that we have performed in these miscellaneous fields. Let us know if you are interested in seeing these, or in getting a reference to our work.

So, request a free roofing quote (or other quote) today! 334.332.7799.

†Note that for cleaning roofs, we use a special, plant-safe chemical and merely use the pressure-washer to wash off the chemical (we keep the pressure-washer tip far enough away from the shingles to keep from dislodging the granules and thereby adversely affecting their future lifespan).

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